Friends enjoying their ice cream together
What better way to spend a wonderful day with your friends?
Come to Cowabunga Ice Cream and Coffee House and let us surf you up a sweet dream!

This family is enjoying some fresh homemade Cowabunga Ice Cream.  Enjoy the day with your friends and family in San Clemente with some Cowabunga Ice Cream 

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Cowabunga serves fresh, homemade desserts and coffees.  We make all our own ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, and gelato.  When you order, you watch us mix in your favorite candies, fruits, or nuts on our frozen marble slab and put it in a fresh waffle cone or bowl.

We serve Dierich's Coffee, Cappuccino, lattes, and other hot drinks.  On the cool side, we off smoothies, shakes, Cappuccino Chillers, and sodas.

We also serve fresh pastries and other goodies.

In a hurry? Come pick up some Cowabunga Ice Cream for home.

the sweetest wave of your life !!!


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