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Gourmet Meat Cut to Order for all your fine Dinners and B.B.Q.'s.

Fresh fish delivered daily!  We can get whatever you want.

Featuring Boar's Head Meats & Cheeses, Fresh Salads, Party Trays & Sandwiches up to 6 feet.

A Very Good selection of California Wines with other countries to choose from.

Custom Made
Sandwiches and

The Main Event
Choose Your Cuts

New York Favorites
Italian Favorites
Old Fashion Favorites

Breakfast at Billy's
Billy's Lunch Salads

Billy's Super Big
Party Trays
Finger Foods
Billy's Deli Salads

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It is the old fashioned butcher shop in a modern age with a deli fashioned from the streets of New York.  Family owned and operated, Billy's Meat, Seafood & Deli has been on Del Mar for 13 years satisfying the taste of young and old.

The people of San Clemente have dubbed it the "one stop shop" where you can come in for lunch of sandwiches, soups or salads and at the same time, pick up your dinner (steaks, chicken, seafood, k-bobs, etc) twice baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and a bottle of fine wine together with fresh breads and don't forget the ├ęclair for dessert.


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