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K&S Cleaners   114 S. El Camino Real  (E2)
K & S Cleaners provides a full spectrum of on-site clothing repair services for your convenience. We specialize in suits, dresses, formal
wear, leather, and military uniforms, name tapes and chevrons. 10% off on your first repair order!

Nic's Vacuum & Small Appliance Repair   216 Del Mar   (D1)  
Authorized and Certified Repair Services for most Brands of Vacuums and Small Appliances.

RCR Imaging Products
We provide the service of purchasing empty printer cartridges and then, in turn, selling the high quality remanufactured printer, toner, inkjet, thermal, P.O.S.and fax cartridges to our customers.  The advantage of purchasing remanufactured cartridges from “RCR” is; not only the money you will save, but, you will also be doing your part to recycle.

Downtown San Clemente, CA 92672