Food   (Virtual Tour Location) *

Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar   611 Victoria   (P3)
Foods served at San Clemente Fishman's Seafood Restaurant and Bar will bring you back again. In addition to our outstanding menu you can enjoy Oceanside Dining.

Mongkut Thai    212 Del Mar   (D1)
Food with a taste of Thailand. We serve a Variety of vegetarian dishes and Spicy Food Lovers Delights. Traditional noodle dish 'Phat Thai'. Supreme yellow, green or red curry dishes have true 'Curry Lovers' coming back for more. Dishes prepared when ordered. Something to please everyone's taste buds. Healthy �food for thought�, and enjoy!

Sonny's Pizza & Pasta   129 N.  El Camino Real   (E6)
Food specialties served at this popular San Clemente Restaurant are Pizzas and Pasta. We also serve a wide variety of beers and wines for just the rights accompaniment to our renowned menu.

The Cellar   156  Del Mar   (E2)
The Cellar features a seasonal tapas style menu. Cheese is of course our specialty.  We feature custom cheese plates just for you.

Downtown San Clemente, CA 92672